Hermann Runge Hanse-Tally-Kontor

Hermann RungeHanse-Tally-Kontor

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We are acknowledged <strong>tally experts,</strong> asked for by<br />shipowners & charterers<br /><strong>all over the world.</strong>

We are acknowledged tally experts,

asked for by
shipowners & charterers
all over the world.

01Cargo InspectionsCargo Inspections

As cargo surveyors we act on site in your interests when dealing with all the companies involved with handling. We keep you well informed at all times thus enabling you to maintain a consistent surveillance and supervision of your flow of goods.

Cargo inspection as we understand it and carry it out is no longer defined as merely monotonous counting on the gangway; instead it involves specialised and qualified inspections which are based on our three-pillar principle:



Target-performance comparison of cargo and booking lists with the cargo, sworn cargo measurement, clarification of differences between those involved with the cargo.



Inspection of the number of pieces and physical inspection during loading and unloading. Allocation of tasks to shifts including all the times and important details.



Issuing all necessary documents such as manifests, stowage plans, hatch lists, excess length lists, damage lists, photo reports etc.

Loading & Unloading

  • Project cargo
    • such as plant material, general cargo
  • Ro-ro cargo
    • such as cars, trucks, high & heavy
  • Steel products
    • such as pipes, plates, slabs, profiles, coils
  • Forest products
    • such as lumber, trunk wood, MDF plates, paper

02Cargo MeasurementsCargo Measurements

As sworn cargo measurers we ascertain the actual dimensions of your goods or freight of all kinds and sizes.
This neutral and approved ascertainment of ship and cargo dimensions serves:

  • as a neutral basis for the assessment of the ocean freight
  • as a support for port captains und supercargos charged with the cargo planning
  • to avoid unnecessary, cost-intensive waiting periods for the ship and cargo due to unforeseen variations in dimensions

03Additional ServicesAdditional Services

  • Packing inspection/planning of import and export containers
  • Storage inventory inspections
  • All port services connected with cargo inspections such as marking, labelling of cargo etc.
  • Processing of orders in the field of transhipment and inventory maintenance, also beyond the scope of port management.

Hermann RungeHanse-Tally-Kontor



As an owner-managed company of long-standing tradition we look back at over 375 years of successful company history. On the basis of this long-time experience we continually further improve our effectiveness – with a view towards the future.

In the field of cargo inspection our acknowledged tally experts are in regular demand and for many years have been assigned by shipowners and charterers from all over the world.

We are a reliable and proficient partner who adjusts according to your individual requirements. Our extensive range of services includes the independent inspection and with that the guarantee for signing up the bills of lading; it also includes sworn cargo measurement as an impartial basis for sea freight and the recognized professional documentation of the cargo by means of appropriate reports.

Our experienced employees make an indispensable contribution to the proper, smooth and efficient handling of your vessels and, therefore, to optimal productivity.

This also applies to those assignments which we increasingly carry out in the sensitive field of transhipment and inventory maintenance, including assignments beyond the scope of port management.

All services are subject to constant quality management and are certified according to ISO 9001.

Hermann Runge Hanse-Tally-Kontor



Mentioned for the first time as “hawkers and packers“.


First cargo measurements which, in 1854, lead to the swearing in of Hermann Runge (V.) and his sons according to the authoritarian regulation.


Hermann Runge (V.) becomes the first elected president of the Eiswette ("ice bet") of 1829 in Bremen (until 1858).


Enrolment in the trade register. Increasing importance as tally company in the 20th century. After the Second World War, rebuilt from the ruins by Ludwig H.W. Brüggemann, true to the tradition of four centuries:
Independent, neutral, reliable, incorruptible.


As an owner-managed company of long-standing tradition we look back at over 375 years of successful company history. On the basis of this long-time experience we continually further improve our effectiveness – with a view towards the future.



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